Wild Winds of Change

Outside the winds are blowing wildly, the air is warm and filled with an unmistakable energy I haven’t felt in a long while. The night is getting late, I am tired from my long day of responsibilities. I have walked this road many times, and it is a good one. Routines can feel safe. They keep us on track to accomplish daily activities, secure in the knowledge life will continue to move in the same familiar direction. Our minds and realities become sleepy in the commonness of  predictable choices. Many times we hesitate, unwilling or unable, to seek out the less traveled paths offered along the way. Avoiding change, following the same steps as those before us, happy to stay where we are. One day waking up to the fact that nothing is further from the truth, for life is all about something being made different. Our bodies continue to reinvent themselves, and unless we choose to be stagnant in thoughts and feelings, these too are in constant fluctuation.  Change is a blessing and not always a welcome one. No matter how we understand it to be, transformation is undeniably woven into the fabric of our being, deeply rooted in all of Creation.  Clearly written for us to see in the phasing of the moon, day into night, the turning of seasons one to another.  Changes are everywhere, in everything, our very existence relies upon this truth. To be alive is to transform.
The winds are blowing wildly and I am ready
In Peace ~ Raven