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I was born in the 60’s, so the Bohemian vibe is just my thing. I was making macrame plant hangers and owls along with everyone else in the 70’s, and still am today. The Boho style has become popular again, and I see so many beautiful designs that people have integrated into their homes. For myself, it has been a natural decorating process throughout my life. I didn’t even know it was an actual style until I saw pictures one day in a magazine. It was exciting to see all the unique designs.

I made these early this year, I feel so happy every time I look at them!

My home is a mix of hippie, boho, multi-cultural, garden, vintage, with a touch of Victorian, and plant lady. I love to layer my decorations with lots of textures, and to make little vignettes throughout the house. I find most of my items from flea markets, tag sales, antique, and thrift stores, and sometimes even on the side of the road….lovely treasures that people so generously put outside for me to find.

I found this bureau, bird bath, and live giant fern, with the large clay pot, all at separate times, while I was out walking. I had to do a bit of shuffling to get them home, but they were certainly worth it! The metal plant stand I bought from a thrift store for less than $5.00.

On this page I will share examples, and recommendations for how you can add as little, or as much bohemian that you desire into your sanctuary. The beauty of Boho, is that it’s a personal expression of you, through your use of favorite colors, furniture, textures, and a celebration of life through beautiful plants and found treasures. I looked up the definition in the Urban dictionary, and it said that the style is unconventional and artsy. Sounds right to me! Remember, it’s the journey, not the destination that matters. I will continually add to this page as I am so inspired, I hope you enjoy!


I think one of the key elements to any Bohemian decor, is to use architectural pieces as part of your design. Some can be inexpensive like this large vintage square tin roof tile, it only cost me $10.00 from a flea market. It had been salvaged from an old building in New York City, I especially love knowing the history. The garden arch is an antique, over 100 years old, so that cost me a bit more, but I have seen reproductions for much less. It depends how lucky you are in your search!

Below is a decorative ladder made by an Amish woodworker that I found at a gift shop. I used it in the photo to show you how perfect it is to display my beautiful pashmina scarves and lace. These along with the handcrafted crocheted throw blanket were all found at thrift stores for a minimal cost. This brings me to my next topic of…..

Textures & Layers

Textures and layers can immediately add warmth and create so much interest in your home. I like to use my scarves in different ways as they are versatile and come in all sizes. I have one right now hanging over my folding closet door, it blocks a draft and it helps my room look cozy. I have used them as table runners, window coverings, draped on my couch, wall hangings, over a pillow, and of course you can always wear one for that boho chic style!

It’s important to use a variety of textures, smooth, matte, nubby, soft, fluffy, velvet, rough, and silky. Often you can layer them together. For example, I have a beautiful white faux fur runner on top of a larger navy blue area rug in my bedroom. I think the combination is so pretty, it’s extra soft under my bare feet, plus it makes a perfect yoga mat. On my bed I have a large brown faux fur bedspread that I love to layer with my oatmeal crochet throw across the bottom. By adding decorative textiles like macrame, tapestries, and natural fibers found in bedding, rugs, pillows, throws, runners, table cloths, and upholstered furniture, your home will be vibrant, artistic and comfortable.

There are other textures besides fabric. Wood, metal, glass, and wicker, are all important elements to have in your home. You can find these in furniture, architectural pieces, art, lighting, decorations, hardware, and accessories. I have a zen style water fountain bubbling away in my kitchen that I find very soothing, and lots and lots of houseplants. which add life and beauty.

I think your home, the place where you find rest, safety, and rejuvenation, should be your sanctuary, and appeal to all of your senses. The ambiance you create will be uniquely yours, and will reflect who you are, both inside and out. My look took years to come together, and it’s constantly shifting, so just follow your heart and go with the boho flow.

Below is the white faux fur rug I featured layered over my larger area rug. I purchased it almost 8 months ago, and it is still as nice as it was when it arrived. I love it! I have it alongside my bed, and it has stayed fluffy and soft under my feet, I even practice my yoga sun salutations on it every day. It has a nice rubber backing that keeps it in place. I would definitely buy another one in a different size. It would also be pretty over a couch, chair or bed for that decorative cozy touch. Totally worth it! Please click on the photo link below if you are interested in purchasing one for yourself.

I will be back soon with more fun tips.

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