Tarot Readings

The art of holistic tarot is not about fortune telling; rather, it is a way to help you connect with your own inner energies, wisdom, and intuition. My readings will guide you in finding answers, insight, and clarity, in your pursuit of love, life, and happiness. 

*The Illuminated Raven, My Philosophy*

I read tarot cards as a way to understand current energy and to offer guidance in all aspects of life. I believe everything has an underlying spiritual meaning which affects our decisions, beliefs and understanding. Our emotional, physical and mental well being is connected rather than separate, and by healing in one area we can create healing in another. My whole life I have been fine tuning my ability to tap into this universal energy, to create peace within myself. I am a Reiki practitioner, highly intuitive and clairsentient. My intention with every reading is meant to inspire and illuminate one’s personal path towards happiness and peace, and to bring things into the light for healing and growth. I have read professionally for many years at fairs, special events, and privately. I look forward to helping you find the clarity you desire.

I can do live readings through Facebook Messenger, Zoom, or over the phone if this is preferred. I am very comfortable reading *long distance* as I do this with many of my friends across the states. Energy has no boundaries, and it’s not necessary to be in person to get an accurate reading. Please email if you have any questions after reading the descriptions below. I accept PayPal, & Venmo.

Spiritual Guidance Reading

30-45 minutes, including consultation, 8 + cards.


Spiritual Guidance Reading: 30-45 minutes. Average of 8-cards, however there is no limit within the time session and more are often pulled. This is one of my favorite spreads as it focuses on the primary concern, motivation for seeking guidance, challenges, hidden influence, advice, best course of action, and future possibilities. It's amazing how this reading unfolds, and the amount of healing information revealed. I personally use this one on a monthly basis, as a way to gain perspective on the many  significant matters in my life. 

Rise Up Reading *1*

45-60 minutes, including consultation, 12 + cards.


Rise Up Reading *1*: 45-60 minutes. Average of 12 cards, however there is no limit within the time session and more are often pulled. This reading is a spread I designed to look deeply into a specific question or concern. It focuses on current energy, challenges, advice, and expected outcome. The cards are arranged in a way that helps you to understand the situation from several different angles related to your past, present and future possibilities. I love this spread for my clients who need to see their situation from a higher perspective to find resolution and to move forward in a positive way

Rise Up Reading *2*

1 hour + 15 minutes, plus consultation, 16 + cards


Rise Up Reading *2*: 1 hour, 15 minutes. Average of 16 cards, however there is no limit within the time session and more are often pulled. This is the same reading as Rise Up *1* (see above) but is more in depth because of the extra time and cards pulled. I use this often when I have a situation that is affecting my life greatly and need the extra clarity.  

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Please email me with your information, name, phone number, and your preferred choice of either meeting through Facebook Messenger, Zoom, or by Phone. I will normally get back to you within 1-2 days to make an appointment for your personal reading. You will be given a brief time for a consultation to discuss the focus of your reading at the beginning of your appointment. *Payment is expected before the actual reading.*

I tell this to everyone I read for;

“Life is fluid, and there are endless choices which can influence how we live day to day. There are many different possibilities to our outcomes because of this. I read cards as a way for you to be empowered. To help you access your own truth and spiritual guidance.”

It’s a profound moment when you connect with your unique way of beauty.

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