I was born and raised in Southern California and am of Mexican, French, Native American and Asian descent. I am a single woman with 3 lovely grown children, and a beloved dog named Skadi who is a Great Pyrenees. We live in New England, in a sweet little house on a lake, happily surrounded by beautiful trees. I have been a student of peace since I was very young. Because I was born with an *extra sensitive* way of processing life, I tend to be anxious, and overly empathetic, which has led me on a lifelong search to study many philosophies and spiritual practices to create peace and faith in my daily world. My beliefs center around a higher power, our Divine connection to the Universe, and the inherent goodness in all human beings. I am an entrepreneur who likes to follow my heart. I am a teacher, an organizer, a home designer, caregiver for the elderly, and a professional Intuitive~Reiki~Tarot reader, which have all brought me great fulfillment. I am very excited to add blogger to the list. I am energetic and grateful for everything life has to offer. I enjoy exploring new places, camping, organic foods, being healthy, days at the river, walking through the woods, museums, book stores, road trips, sunflower seeds, not being controlled by a watch, sun salutations, being barefoot wild and free (I like that word) staying up late and full moons. I make and follow my own paths in life, I am a writer of the heart, and am so grateful to share all that I am with you.

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Inspirational Wisdom from a Free-Spirited Soul

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