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I love them all: beautiful crystals in every color, large or small, river rocks, ocean rocks, forest rocks, mountain rocks; each one has it’s own energy and story to tell. Listen carefully for they sing the songs of the universe. Their timelessness calls out to me and I find comfort in their steadfast presence.



by Frank Dempster Sherman

Out of a pellucid brook
Pebbles round and smooth I took;
Like a jewel, every one
Caught a color from the sun, —
Ruby red and sapphire blue,
Emerald and onyx too,
Diamond and amethyst, —
Not a precious stone I missed;
Gems I held from every land
In the hollow of my hand.

Workman Water these had made;
Patiently through sun and shade,
With the ripples of the rill
He had polished them, until
Smooth, symmetrical and bright,
Each one sparkling in the light
Showed within its burning heart
All the lapidary’s art;
And the brook seemed thus to sing:
Patience conquers everything!

I buy my crystals and stones from numerous places such as: flea markets, specialty stores, museums, gift shops, rock and gem shows, and also online. *I am in the process of putting together a list of some of my favorite vendors, which I will share with you once I figure out the details.* My obsession, I mean collection, has taken me many years, but I justify it because ‘they’ bring me so much happiness. What can I say, I am a Raven, I love shiny things!

One of the ways I create peace within myself is to fill my home with treasures from nature. Over the years I have gathered pine cones, rocks, sticks, feathers, shells, flowers, leaves, lichen, acorns, fallen bark, and moss. I try to be mindful of our resources and always choose things with deep reverence. It is important to first ask your treasure if you may take it home, and if you can, leave an offering in its place, such as a couple of crumbs from the cookie you may be eating, a soft caress, or a whispered poem. Never be greedy, and always say thank you.

Since writing the above, I’ve been made aware of the philosophy of*Leave no Trace* when outdoors, there are 7 principals, one of which is to leave what you find. I have spent my whole life gathering my treasures, so I am going to make the conscious choice to follow this enlightened way of thinking as I definitely understand the ramifications. I know I could have erased what I wrote, but I want to take responsibility. All of the principals are important to follow to help protect our earth. Maybe I will become an advocate! Here is the link for your further reading.

Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz

Amethyst, Nephrite Jade, Labradorite, Jade bracelet

River Rocks

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