The Divine

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Spiritual quests are my salvation. My heart yearns for answers. Clarity to questions I have always asked. Feelings of separateness are what keep us from the divine. We have this incredible birthright, unattainable, simply because we choose to disbelieve the sacred. To look outwardly for something when its already ours, to struggle for peace, though its been given.

The universal laws of nature and the cosmos are written by the same infinite presence we carry within. Blessed beyond the breadth of imagination, still many choose bondage to fearful limitations. Reasoned from our narrow understanding, we forget we are offspring to the divine. I want to remember.

Like the pinpoint light of a candle, I meditate on the flame of promised brilliance. Unwavering beneath flickering doubt. Gently I feel the miracle of holy perfection melting away divide, freeing me from human uncertainties. Beautiful possibilities delight. I am a beloved child of the mystical presence within. What has always been mine since birth, I gracefully now accept.

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In Divine Peace, Raven

One thought on “The Divine”

  1. How wonderful it is that there are others– like you– who are aware of their spiritual needs and not totally consumed by the day-to-day world.

    And what a gift it is that the divine gives us the natural world to learn more about him– and that the divine wants to know us as well.

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