The Sacredness Within

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Once upon a future time on a spinning planet called Earth, lives a seemingly infinite civilization of people, in all colors shapes and size. Each born with a shimmering light pulsing like the echo of falling stars. United by the truth that it’s better to live with grace, individually unique, equality and strength. Together in blissful harmony. The people honor and cherish the sacredness within.

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Surrounded by a dizzying array of creatures great and small, hopping, flying, climbing, feathers to burrowing claws. The people honor and cherish the sacredness within.

From rugged stony mountains, to luminous blue seas, simmering deserts and ancient forests, all wonders in between. The people honor and cherish the sacredness within.

Seasons slowly turn, embracing the cycle of change. Every day a celebration, for the beauty they all share. Each night wrapped in holiness, for lessons they had learned. Thankful to remember, that separation has its cost. The people honor and cherish the sacredness within.

For long ago it was told, of a time wrought with despair. Their numbers and cares immense, they forgot why they were there on this spinning dancing earth, and began to grow apart. Fighting for whose light was brightest, each thinking theirs was best. They misused their fellow creatures, breaking cautious trust. They polluted healing waters and sundered what was grown. Depleting abundant soils, their refuge and their home.

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The shimmering light within, like the pulsing echo of falling stars began to fade away, until it was nothing more than a tiny flickering spark. Separated, no longer could they see the light in the heart of others, nor feel from earthly creatures amidst the diminishing land. Instead they lied and blamed, for what they themselves had lost. Hidden behind deepening shadows, a tiny flickering spark, all but snuffed away.

The people forgot and searched to fill their growing need. In groups they stood together, formed by their own loss. Divisive was their shield, and hopelessness their sword. Using fear to create more power, they gave up their own way. Fighting to remain the same, and only darkness reigned.

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Until one night it happened, the end was almost near. Everything was ruined, and the world was ruled by fear. The sky filled up with light, from each and every star, the brightness overflowing, and shown upon the earth. The brilliance of their warmth, made the people stop and stare, and suddenly they remembered what they knew since time began. They were all in this together, apart they could no longer stand.

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Once upon a future time, the people honor and cherish the sacredness within.

*It’s Time to Remember*

In Peace, Raven

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