Butterfly Dance

Today is my day to wander and roam,

today is my day I choose to stay home.

Barefoot, I walk in my house and my yard,

Enjoying my solitude,

with my dog as my guard.

The minutes tick by

in a sweet melting swirl,

The sun soon to set

so night may unfurl

That’s all the rhyming I have in me right now:)

It’s been a while since I sat down to write. I’m not quite sure why it’s been this long. I often consider writing about many topics or significant events in my life but in the actual moments I haven’t the energy, and later, much later, when I edit those thoughts in my head, there aren’t very many words left to type out.

Today is my day of solitude, although that includes my great big dog Skadi, so I am not completely alone. I love the peace and quiet to check out and just be Zen. It’s a beautiful day, I am writing this on my deck as we speak, feet up on a chair, a soft summer breeze, and a sleeping pup by my side. I already watered my house plants and flower gardens, and ummmm that’s really about it. I love doing nothing with bits of ‘maybe some-things’ thrown in. I find it especially healing.

This kind of day makes me think of the song, “Watching the Wheels” by John Lennon, I never heard this particular acoustic version before. The tempo is a little fast paced, but has a certain jaunty realness that makes me feel happy.

I have been pushed to be an adult more than usual these past months, but to counteract the seriousness of responsibilities, I have also focused on enjoying the beauty of my life, and the gentle space in which I dwell, both physically and spiritually.

On my walk I saw this bird sitting peacefully looking out over the lake. He didn’t even move as I shared this quiet moment with him. Kindred Spirits!

To grow my business of reading Tarot cards, which besides making beautiful art, is one of my favorite things to do, I have been posting daily collective energy readings on Tik-Tok, and Instagram. I promised myself I would do this every day for one month to see what happens. I would love to earn my income by being an artist and reading cards, such a lovely bohemian way of life that suits me perfectly.

I make art journals to sell at Renaissance Faires & other Festivals

Today’s reading was about loss, transformation and healing, you know, just the basics of life as usual. My intention when I read cards is to help people to connect with their own inner wisdom and guidance system, and always meant to inspire.

The oracle card for today had a butterfly on it, and represented balance and transformation. The meaning of the cards felt very clear to me this morning in a distant kind of way, but it wasn’t until later this afternoon when I meandered my way outside for the hundredth time to gaze at my flowers, that I personally ‘felt’ the message of the reading and how it applied to my own feelings of loss and grief. Eventually I was able to move through my sadness, and back over to the other side where I found my smile again, so all’s well that ends well, but what makes this moment so wonderful was the dancing butterfly that suddenly appeared before my eyes, reminding me of the very same card in today’s reading.

Sometimes synchronicity seems obvious only to you, which I think is how it’s supposed to be, otherwise where would the magic live, if it can’t be found in the every-day-ness.


Beautiful butterfly dance to go with this morning’s collective energy reading. #synchronicity #butterfly #collectivenergyreading

♬ Chopin Nocturne No. 2 Piano Mono – moshimo sound design

As I stood there marveling, and filming away, I thought this would be the very thing to break my writing sabbatical and share my video of *Her Winged Majesty* with all of my World Friends.

I have missed connecting with everyone, and I hope that life has been treating you well. Please take care of yourselves, and remember to have balance by also focusing on the beauty of life.

I visit this tree each day on my walk. I found this cracked egg shell and gave it to my tree-friend as a gift. It has been there now for several weeks.

Be Kind,

Be Considerate,

Be Love.

In Dancing Butterfly Peace,


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