My beloved children

Each one of my grown children have their unique way of expressing themselves, and will hopefully contribute some of their beauty within the pages of my blog-magazine as I expand and grow.

Skadi the dog

Profession ~ Guardian & Cuddler

A female Great Pyrenees, 6 years young. Loved by all, the sweetest soul-friend, protector & companion.


My daughter has been home schooled her whole life. She is 20 years young. Her passions are Static & Flying Trapeze, Aerial Silks, Lyra, Flow Arts, Roller Skating, Photography, and Writing. She has 3 snakes, and a feisty Tarantula. She is the co-teacher for our Children’s Program, a companion for the elderly and a performance artist. Tiana is teaching herself how to play the piano, loves to ride her bicycle and is currently working on a novel. Many of her beautiful photos will be featured throughout this blog.


My middle son was home schooled all the way up to age 16 until he entered a Magnet School for his Junior & Senior years, where he was quickly top of his class. He is 23 years young and a graduate of Hampshire College. He studied Linguistics, Climate Justice, and where they intersect. His senior thesis revolved around creating a new language to negotiate between science, politics, and critical scholarship in developing solutions to the Climate Crisis. He is also learning to speak several different languages, including French, Spanish, Arabic, and Irish Gaelic. His passions include social justice, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, cardistry, chess, puns, poetry, and rock climbing


My eldest was home schooled until he began community college at age 18, and transferred to Hampshire College after earning his Associates degree. He is 25 years young: recently graduated with his BA in Liberal Arts this spring after completing a year long thesis on identity in select works of medieval literature. His studies have included comparative literature, Ancient and Medieval Studies, Germanic Philology, as well as several languages including Old Norse, Old English, Old High German, and Swedish. He has a passion for hiking, mountain biking, playing the fiddle, poetry, folklore, chess, and books of all kinds. He has read Beowulf more times than he could count and will continue to do so. He will be sharing selections of his poetry, which he ultimately hopes to publish in the near future.

Inspirational Wisdom from a Free-Spirited Soul

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