Tell Me

Tell me who you are, when no one is around. Tell me what you see, when you look into your eyes. Can you describe what’s in your heart, and why you’re even here. When it’s you, and only you, unveiled, without your mask. Do you think yourself beautiful, and worthy to be loved. Do you even know, what it is that makes you whole. Tell me your life story, the one you stand behind. Do you think you are important, are you living in your truth. Tell me what hurts the most, when things go very wrong. When it’s dark and you’re alone, does it make you want to cry. Are you happy with your choices, are you where you want to be. Tell me all the songs, that serenade your soul. Tell me why you wake at night, and how you’re scared to lose. Tell me what you love the most, what brings you peace of mind. Do you know your purpose, your reason to stand strong. Are you excited to be here, do you follow your own path. Tell me what you value most, when all is stripped away. Tell me why you matter, and do you like yourself. Tell me if there’s more to you, than what you have revealed.

In Peace, Raven

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