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Every day I find myself looking beyond what is in front of me, deep beneath the surface, a smidge behind the obvious, and up over the above, all to find a greater sense of meaning.

I am unable to live a life with my heart and mind closed to the sacred. Despite simple reason, I experience everything through the lens of someone who has walked this earth before.

I understand the finite days and nights we each have to live. Filled with a divine blend of beauty and sorrow, the stories we become, despite how we intend them to be, are so much more than how they appear.

How can any of this possibly matter, as we while away the minutes into hours, if we forget who it is we really are. What is left when you remove the layers of your armor to the soul behind your smile.

I want to tell you there is more to this journey than just the struggles we endure. Perhaps if we close our eyes to what we think is real, maybe…just maybe, we will be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of eternity.

May We All Walk in Beauty ~ Raven

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Amazing Grace

How amazing to contemplate the intricate Beauty of the Universe. Our lives surrounded by everyday miracles we often take for granted. From the fragrant essence of a flower, to the perfect synchronicity of body and mind, breathing in and out, together, seemingly without effort. Lost in a world of struggle, we see from eyes limited by shadows. Judging situations by an endless litany of words; right, wrong, good, bad. Hoping to evade what lies before us without accepting what truly is. Gazing outwardly, denying responsibility for these life lessons. No one desires suffering, yet somehow it comes despite concerted efforts to hide. Leaning into jagged edges, centered without judgement. Choosing not to run, may be our only saving grace. Unknown to us the reasons of how or why. The masterpiece of our journey not to be seen in its entirety. We must trust there is beauty with every stroke of life’s brush. For surely the Spirit so efficiently guiding the Universe, is also the same energy from which we are born. Making our lives as miraculous as the most perfect flower.

In Peace, Raven