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In The Center

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Sometimes life is understood only in the being, that sacred threshold of space that lies gently between our past and future worlds. Born from the beauty of the unknown, we are all performers in an elaborate dance of mystery, our steps made intricate by the power of our choices. Unconsciously we move to the rhythm of a destiny that is uniquely ours to hear.

The fullness of our being resides in the present. To remain in the center watching, without thought, is to be the calm within the storm. Only by surrendering, to look neither left nor right, can we understand the grace of this divine connection. To worry over an unseen future, or to search the past for reasons why, is futile. In its complexity, there are no perfect answers, and ultimately these questions distract us from the moment that is before us now.

Here in the center we are complete, nothing is missing, and everything is clear. Here we can access unconditional love, and breathe in the essence of the universe that lives within our very molecules. Here in this moment we have available to us an infinity of possibilities, limited solely by the expanse of our faith. Here in the center, we are free to face both the light and the dark, knowing we are safe.

I am asking you to see beyond your current reality. In the center is the place where holiness lives. The space inside you that lights up when you catch a glimpse of something greater than your mortal understanding. It is our sanctuary of prayer and refuge, the part of ourselves that is eternal, unswayed by the surface of happenstance.

Sitting up on my ledge, high enough to touch the stars, I relax trusting I am blessed. Life is a dance and I am willing to bend and flow in the perfection of its beauty. I gaze upon an endless universe of wonder and dream myself into the next moment. Breathing in serenity, here in the center I dwell, one dance step at a time.

In Peace,


“Just remain in the center watching and then forget that you are there.”  Lao Tzu

“I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round. I really love to watch them roll. No longer riding on the merry-go-round. I just had to let it go.” John Lennon

The Night

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I went outside before bedtime like I always do, it’s late, and the world feels quiet. The sky is clear and filled with stars. There’s a meteor shower tonight, the Geminid. I gazed up into the night for a small amount of time, and saw at least eight before I stopped counting. One was especially bright, and directly overhead. It felt so close that I actually ducked a little. I love the surprise of their sudden appearance. The trick is to be happy with just letting yourself get lost in the magnificence before you, and then whoosh, a streak goes flying by. It’s yours if you see it, a gift from the universe. I quickly say a wish-prayer for each one. I live for these moments when I witness something outside of myself that connects me to the divine. I have been on guard for much of my life, weaving to and fro, trying to stay out of the line of fire from whatever threats lurk in the unknown. I have become numb to the almost normalcy of it all. So when there is a pause, a brief interlude of time, that takes me out of my simmering unease, and into the healing light of holiness, I grab on to it quickly and store it tightly in my hand. And later, when the shadows return, when I am trying to hold back the darkness, I will suddenly remember, and unfurl my fingers to release this healing light back into the night.