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“Is the action of delaying or postponing something.” Oxford Languages

I am seriously procrastinating right now, especially as all day long I have been thinking about how stressful it is to procrastinate something when I know it has to be done. “Wouldn’t this make an interesting topic to write about,” I thought to myself as I meandered aimlessly and somewhat nervously through the daylight hours.

So here I am at 8:00 tonight, procrastinating by sharing my ill-gained wisdom from my procrastinating all day. I have a few serious things that need to be done or there will be big consequences, and last night I vowed to myself I would get started first thing this morning…

…12 Hours Later- “After I have breakfast,” I told myself… “Maybe tidy the living room… a few minutes of vacuuming would be great… the dishes are piling up… isn’t there wet laundry to dry… I really should take my daily walk before it gets dark… a quick little rest would do me good… just a few chapters of the book I am reading… I better make dinner soon…. I know, I can write a blog!”

It’s an endless nightmare that I could have avoided if only I had sat down calmly this morning and at least started something. In under fifteen minutes I could complete the one task that has been hanging over my head for weeks now, which has already been stressful, but will be made even more so, if I don’t fill out and send the required forms.

Hint: DOOM

The other project needs to be done by Thursday at the very latest. This will take significantly longer, but has the great potential to yield wonderful results in my life.

Either way, negative or positive, I can’t seem to begin.

I feel like I have been pressing the snooze button all day, but not getting any extra sleep.

Procrastination is a form of self-sabotage, and a symptom of depression and anxiety. It can also be something as simple as a misplaced belief that things are better accomplished when under pressure, poor time management, lack of self-discipline, or just plain avoidance issues. I seem to have all of the above.

It turns out I really don’t have very much advice to share, other than to be kind to yourself. Compassion for one’s imperfections is the best approach under these circumstances, why pile more stress onto an already upsetting situation. It is a form of self-love to take care of the things looming in your life that may cause further issues down the road, and hinder your ability to find serenity in the now.

I absolutely promise myself that I will take care of the easiest task tonight, before I go to bed, AND by a reasonable time. Tomorrow is a new day, and I will try again. There, simple as that!

In Procrastinating Peace, Raven

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In The Center

Photo by Emmy Paw on Pexels.com

Sometimes life is understood only in the being, that sacred threshold of space that lies gently between our past and future worlds. Born from the beauty of the unknown, we are all performers in an elaborate dance of mystery, our steps made intricate by the power of our choices. Unconsciously we move to the rhythm of a destiny that is uniquely ours to hear.

The fullness of our being resides in the present. To remain in the center watching, without thought, is to be the calm within the storm. Only by surrendering, to look neither left nor right, can we understand the grace of this divine connection. To worry over an unseen future, or to search the past for reasons why, is futile. In its complexity, there are no perfect answers, and ultimately these questions distract us from the moment that is before us now.

Here in the center we are complete, nothing is missing, and everything is clear. Here we can access unconditional love, and breathe in the essence of the universe that lives within our very molecules. Here in this moment we have available to us an infinity of possibilities, limited solely by the expanse of our faith. Here in the center, we are free to face both the light and the dark, knowing we are safe.

I am asking you to see beyond your current reality. In the center is the place where holiness lives. The space inside you that lights up when you catch a glimpse of something greater than your mortal understanding. It is our sanctuary of prayer and refuge, the part of ourselves that is eternal, unswayed by the surface of happenstance.

Sitting up on my ledge, high enough to touch the stars, I relax trusting I am blessed. Life is a dance and I am willing to bend and flow in the perfection of its beauty. I gaze upon an endless universe of wonder and dream myself into the next moment. Breathing in serenity, here in the center I dwell, one dance step at a time.

In Peace,


“Just remain in the center watching and then forget that you are there.”  Lao Tzu

“I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round. I really love to watch them roll. No longer riding on the merry-go-round. I just had to let it go.” John Lennon

I’m Not Hiding, Just Thinking

Throughout my life I have been forced outside of my comfort zone to survive. As a young adult I became a waitress, which for someone who is shy can be extremely difficult. Eventually this helped my confidence grow, but inside I remained the same awkward, self conscious young girl I always was. As I grew older, married, became a stay at home mother, and then divorced, I suddenly had to put myself out in the work force to take care of my family. I dislike greatly being told what to do, and even worse when to do it, so I decided to create a life where I was in charge, where I had to speak my mind to make things happen. To live my dreams out loud. I have been an entrepreneur ever since, which has been quite an adventure.

From running my own Children’s Enrichment Program, being an organizer, an interior re-designer, companion for the elderly, traveling farm teacher, to a Reiki Tarot card reader, both in person, special events, and then finally at the Renaissance Faire for 7 weeks last fall.

Needless to say it took a lot out of me to get this far. Now, because of the pandemic, everything has been temporarily shut down, or revised somehow, such as reading tarot cards online. I suddenly became stripped of all I had created, and have been a bit lost ever since.

Being home for the last 8 months has totally removed all the armor I had developed over the years, and now, with a mixture of great pleasure and a dose of anxiety, am hiding away as a hermit. Unfortunately I need to leave my sheltered place soon, as my mortgage and other bills aren’t going to pay themselves. Being unemployed is difficult. How my financial situation has been able to keep my family secure for this long is an absolute miracle. Despite the monetary stress, I love my cozy home, my daily walks around the lake, long hikes, hanging with my kids and my dog, reading romance books, tending my yard, making friends with the crows and squirrels, staying up late, and then starting all over again the next day. Because I have struggled with anxiety my entire life, this time has been a wonderful opportunity for me to heal from being in a constant state of flight or fight. I never realized how much I was ruled by my daily quest to find inner peace. Other than my responsibility to take care of my family, I have had zero obligations. This sabbatical of nothingness has been a much needed relief.

My inner shy girl loves this rambling, creative, peaceful lifestyle of being a pandemic hermit, which is why I am now investing my new dreams into creating this blog. Hopefully it’s going to give me the best of both worlds, so when everything is finally safe again I will have the freedom to be and do what makes me happy. It’s not that much longer when I will be entering my 60’s, and will need something less tiring, and less out there. I have no intention of going backwards and removing myself from everybody. I just want more control over choosing when I want to be my outgoing, friendly self, and when I want to quietly meander about my cave. Being a professional hermit who writes blogs about the outside world, sounds just like my cup of tea.

*In no way am I ignoring the trauma and suffering in our world, I am merely sharing what has kept me personally from being swallowed by despair. I pray constantly for humanity.*